01.   All students come under school rules from the beginning of the journey to school until the end of their journey back home.

               02.  All students should, at all times, maintain a high standard of manners, in particular:

                  A) They should know consideration for the need of others;

                  B) They should take pride in their personal appearence;

                  C) They should greet all ladies, teachers, administrative satff and visitors; and,

                  D) Boys must stand up at the approach of ladies and gentleman of their acquaintance and of visitors and never keep their hands in their pockets.While Speaking to the or to their perfects and mointors

                      while speaking to them or to their prefects and monitors.

                03.  Prefects along with the staff are responsible for the discipline of the school and for enforcement of all rules.


               01.  Students should always be dressed in the prescribed school uniform or games dress, wherever applicable.

               02  Informal dress is permitted only on excursions outings or expeditions / Outing or,Whenever permitted

                  by the teacher incharge of the particular class on child's birthday.

               03.  All the buttons, except the top one, of the shirt will be fastened.

               04.  Clothed and shoes not of the regulation pattern, or in any way, unsuitable, will not be allowed.

               05.  All boys must have regulation haircut(side burns and long hair on nape, mushroom cut or crew cut are forbidden)&

                  beard or stubble is not permitted.

               06. Children who wish to wear informal cloths on their birthday should avoid jeans, T-shirts or tight fitting clothes.

               (please seek class teacher's advice in this regard)

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