01.  Class room must be kept,tide. Text-books and excise books must not be defaced in any way. Desks and cupboards must not be defaced and must be kept tidy.

02.  Lights and fans must be switched off and windows and doors closed when the classroom is not in use. This is the responsibility of the class monitor.

03.  No student may tamper with or operate any electrical fitting.

04.  Litter: All waste paper and waste material must be put in the proper receptacle. Students must make it a point to picking up and dispose off litter and caring for the appearence of the school.

05.  Breakages: Any breakages of, or damage to, school property must be reported immediately to the Class Teacher and the School Office. The charge debited to the student will depend on the circumstances and nature of the damage, and on the promptness with which it is reported.

06.  Literature: No boy or girl may possess any literature without having it approved and signed by the Class Teacher or English or Second Language Teachers, as appropriate. Unsigned literature will be confiscated and the possessor punished.

07   Losses: All loss should be reported at once to the office and any unclaimed article found on teh school campus must be taken to the school office and deposited there

08. No video and audio tapes,cd,dvd, floppy disks, pen drives and any other form of storage devices, electronic articles/equipment should be brought to the school.

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